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August 15, 2014
 By: Angeline Lawrence

As a woman and more specifically a Christian, the work environment was hostile and unrelenting at times with situations that challenged my faith. It felt as if I were back in Junior High School with the mean girls and popular guys. I was ostracized on many occasions because I wouldn’t acquiesce to the opinions of the senior level employees and supervisors. I referred to individuals that towed the line of the leadership as the bullies of the workplace.

According to the Workplace Bully Institute’s 2014 survey, 65.6 million American workers are affected by abusive conduct on their jobs.  The number includes workers that were direct victims and those that witnessed the abuse.   Workplace bullying is an epidemic in the United States with 27% of workers who stated they were bullied by either coworkers or a direct supervisor. Women comprised 60% of the targets for workplace bullying. WBI defines workplace bullying as repeated mistreatment and abusive conduct, which includes threatening, intimidating, humiliating, work sabotage and verbal abuse.

I believed in working with a spirit of excellence and helping clients to the fullest.  However, I did not realize that having high standards and a solid work ethic would attract opposition and make me a prime target for workplace bullying. I will never forget the one afternoon I was sitting in the conference room at work, quietly seeking God for direction.

The Holy Spirit said to me plainly, “You can’t quit. You have to defeat your lion and bear just as King David did. This is your proving ground.” My entire perspective was changed as a result and I realized the purpose of my suffering was to help others.

Once I understood my purpose, I began to seek God for strategy, wisdom and compassion to change my situation. Instead of thinking like a victim, I began to be proactive and think as a winner. Philippians 4:13 states, “I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.” (KJV) Once I yielded myself to the adversity, as opposed to running from it, I learned how to use the word of God, wisdom and prayer to counteract the bullying. 

In the book, I detail the methods I used to become a winner in Christ. I will share the importance of self-examination, because understanding our own personality and triggers are vital to personal and spiritual growth.  Visit to sign up for your free audio chapter of the book. Get started today. Place your order for $12.99 below.

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