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Women’s History Month: Justina Ford - Women Transforming Lives

March 2, 2016
Women's History Month - Women Transforming Lives
Justina Ford, Spiritual Mindset and Strategy Coach

March is Women’s History Month and although the national focus is on women in public service, we want to profile women who are transforming the lives of others in their communities. Today I talk with Ms. Justina Ford about the need for a positive mindset to help women tap into their own transformative power to change their lives.

Ms. Justina Ford is a Certified Published Makeup Artist turned Spiritual Mindset and Strategy Coach. According to Ms. Ford, “Real beauty starts with you; it’s time to embrace the value of your uniqueness so you can propel forward and operate in your purpose.”  Justina holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Master’s in Human Service Counseling focused in Business with additional training in the Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Main points from the show include:

1.    Know the God who created you and his written word

2.    Learn to tap into the power within you

3.    Understand your value and self-worth

4.    Increase self-confidence by exercising faith

5.    Remove barriers to creativity such as doubt

Justina’s clients have broken through barriers holding them back from success in their personal lives and business. She has worked with high-end clients such as South Magazine, Fox 8 News, Toyota Chevrolet, and the US Census Bureau. 

Her website is You can follow her on social media at, www.instagram/makeupbyjford and


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