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Heart Health: 5-Steps to Gratitude

February 10, 2016
Heart Health: 5-Steps to Gratitude
Special Guest:
Kandis Webb
 Founder & Chief Gratitude Officer of Talent Gratitude

We continue our discussion regarding heart health and the importance of guarding our spirits. Our guest today, Ms. Kandis Webb, Founder & Chief Gratitude Officer of Talent Gratitude, empowers employees with the mental and emotional tools necessary to be purposeful, productive, and passionate at work. She is a life coach, speaker and author of “Gratitude @Work.” Gratitude is an emotion that opens us up to see the blessings in our life and in turn extend ourselves to help someone.

Side stepping stress is important for a healthy workplace and home. However, it begins within each individual. Join us as we discuss the health benefit of experiencing gratitude. Kandis shares her five steps to getting to gratitude.

The summary of steps include:

·         Understanding Self – Instead of playing the victim but make changes to ourselves 

·         Move forward from stressful event- visualize yourself standing in a place of gratitude 

·         Love unconditionally –First love ourselves so we are free to love others 

·         Set boundaries – Be clear about the types of people you allow in your life and their activities 

·         Be Happy – Do things that make you happy with feeling guilty

Protecting our hearts must begin with identifying the actions we take that are unhealthy.  Being mindful of our behaviors and the people we are around plays a major role in our ability to experience gratitude.

You may find out more about Ms. Webb at her website,

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