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Financial Literacy Month - Creating Wealth with Samirian Hill, Budget Wise Financial Solutions, LLC

April 7, 2016

Financial Literacy Month

Creating Wealth


Samirian Hill, President and Founder

Budget Wise Financial Solutions, LLC


God gives us the ability to create wealth, as reminded inDeuteronomy 8:18. We must use the talents and resorces in our hands to preparefor a better financial future.  DuringFinancial Literacy month, we will discuss practical tips to start saving themoney you have.  As the saying goes, “Adollar saved is a dollar earned.” 

Ms. Samirian Hill, President and Founder of Budget WiseFinancial Solutions, LLC, provides strategies we can use today to save themoney we already earn. She teaches professional women and entrepreneurs how toplan and protect their financial futures in order to prosper.

Also known as The Money Wise Teacher, Ms. Hill has over 15years of experience as a licensed financial professional. She has a reputationfor making complex financial concepts simple and bringing clarity tochaos.   The key takeaways from theinterview include the following:


·        Understand where you are byconducting an inventory of spending habits

·        Use free templates to create amonthly budget to reduce expenses

·        Set some goals for saving – shortterm, intermediate and long term

·        Create a plan for debt reduction

·        Follow debt reduction strategiessuch as making extra payments on loans

There are free mobile apps such as mint and acorns availableto help you on your path. You can reach Ms. Hill’s office at 248.905.1625 andher website at You can follow her on twitter at

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Angeline Lawrence isan author, speaker and spiritual growth consultant. She co-authored Resilience:Living Life by Design, which detailed her faith-based strategy to overcomeworkplace bullying. She will publish her second book, Positioned4Power: TheWorking Woman’s Guide to Thriving in Life in spring of 2016. Visit her website at to sign up get information when it is released.  

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