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Creating Wealth: 7-Pillars of Wealth Creation with Guest Davida Yemi-Akanle

Creating Wealth: 7-Pillars of Wealth Creation with Guest Davida Yemi-Akanle

April 27, 2016

Creating Wealth: 7-Pillars to Wealth Creation


Davida Yemi-Akanle, Founder & CEO

Kingdom Wealth Creation

Our talents will make room for us in more than one way. We are required as Christians to multiple our talents (Matthew 25:20).  As we continue the discussion on wealth creation, Ms. Davida Yemi-Akanle shares her expertise on how we can use our talents to create wealth. 

Ms. Yemi-Akanleis avid about assisting Christian women get rid of their money worries.  She is also an Apostle to the marketplace andto the nations. Davida teaches them how to make more money whilst freeing uptheir time to live their God-given dreams.

Subscribe to the show and listen as we discuss the seven pillars of wealth creation. A summary of the show includes:

1.A Career: Use money from career to finance a business

2.Intellectual Property: Solve a problem for people by creating a product

3.Property: Invest in real estate, rent out room in existing home or manage aportfolio of properties for someone else.

4.Building Your Own Business: Create a business and free up your time by outsourcingtasks.

5.Investing in Other People's Businesses: become an angel investor or venturecapitalist.

6.The Internet: Create an online business or sell products with ecommerce.

7. MLM: Tap into multilevel marketing by leveraging your network to sell goods or services while training people to help you.

We must utilize the resources in our hands to create wealth for our families. Davida states, “God always gives us a way out of every situation. We have to look for the opportunities.”

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