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The Power of the Crowd Special Guest Joseph Hogue

The Power of the Crowd Special Guest Joseph Hogue

February 26, 2015
The Power of the Crowd- An Interview with Joseph Hogue, Founder of

Crowdfunding has grown exponentially in the past several years. The new rules to Section III of the Jobs Act will change the game of investing and allow non-accredited investors to invest in the next big idea.

Today I am talking with Joseph Hogue, an investment analyst, passionate about the crowdfunding and peer lending revolution and what it means for Americans. He is the founder of Crowd101, a blog dedicated to crowdfunding. The site offers information for crowdfunding campaigns, you’ll find information for investors and supporters as well as for crowd projects. Visit his websites at and

Listen to today’s episode as we discuss what the power of crowdfunding can do for your business.

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