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4-ways to Build a Relationship with Yourself

4-ways to Build a Relationship with Yourself

June 29, 2016

Relationships: 4-ways to Build a Relationship with Yourself

Angela Howell, Author
Finding the Gift

Women who work in the home or the marketplace need time with themselves.  Self-care is important. We need more than a facial or manicure once a week. We must de-stress and rebuild our spirits in God’s presence on a daily basis. Angela Howell, author, and transformation coach states, “When I am content with myself, I am more content with others.”  

She is the author of "Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness," which was quickly featured in the Tennessean‘s top ten best-sellers list five weeks in a row. Angela considers her award-winning, twelve-year career in corporate sales and eating disorder recovery journey two of her greatest teachers. Passionate about wellness and success, she has been seen in Fast Company, Cosmopolitan and Yahoo News, and is a regular contributor to Huffington Post


Angela is devoted to inspiring people to find renewed passions for living, loving, working and playing. And of course, just being! She shares four (4) ways we can develop a meaningful relationship with ourselves during the interview. The key points include the following:


1.    Be present during quality time with yourself. Meditate, pray, journal or take time for self-reflection. It is good to unload your mind to alleviate stress.

2.    Listen to your inner voice. Hear the voice of God and your spirit for direction and cues to what your body needs.

3.    Take action. Follow the direction from God for your life. Incorporate a daily regimen of self-care and wellness.

4.    Practice the method of mindfulness. Be aware of your thoughts, actions, and language throughout the day without judging yourself.  Stay attuned the situations within and around you.


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