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Wealth Creation: 5-Strategies to Eliminate Debt

Wealth Creation: 5-Strategies to Eliminate Debt

May 4, 2016

Wealth Creation: 5-Strategies to Eliminate Debt
Nakeetsha Dryer
The Networth Navigator

Although it isMay, we want to close out our wealth creation series by discussing debtelimination. Ms. Nakeetsha Dryer, the Networth Navigator has a medicalbackground, but a heart to walk in the promises of the word of God. Romans 13:8states, “Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that lovethanother hath fulfilled the law.” (King James Version)

Ms. Dryer andher husband were tied of being in debt. They were overwhelmed, but togetherwith some of the strategies she shares, eliminated $50,000 of consumer debt. Hermotto, “Don’t make your tomorrows pay for your yesterdays.” Her godly wisdom toeliminating debt is summarized below:

1.   Prepareto change your mind set about money. It’s a tool to reach an end.

2.   Prepareyour family. It is hard to get ahead if you are helping others at your expense.

3.   Budget,budget and budget. Tell your money where to go. Plan out every dollar.

4.   Practicemake perfect. Complete the budget and live by it.

5.   Prosper.Walk in whatever you can do for God without restraint. Teach someone else.

Prosperitybegins by being a good steward over what God has put into your hands. Use itfor his glory while helping someone else. Nakeetsha can be reach at

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