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Resilience: Living Life by Design - Dr. Deana Murphy and Contributing Authors

Resilience: Living Life by Design - Dr. Deana Murphy and Contributing Authors

September 14, 2015
Book Launch of 

Resilience: Living Life by Design

Dr. Deana Murphy

by: Angeline Lawrence
Based on the experiences of 12 remarkable women—Angela M. Brown, Angeline Lawrence, Denise Hanney, Diane Blake, Fayola Delica, Glenda O. Cook, Gwen Webber-McLeod, Kim Cheatham, MJ Hansford, Melanie Lassiter, Teresita Glasgow and Valeria Robinson-Baker—this compilation speaks to talented women leaders and entrepreneurs with the purpose of helping to turn their restlessness into a strategy and showing them how to maintain their spiritual and emotional center during setbacks.


I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Deana Murphy, the publisher, along with four of my fellow co-authors for the Resilience book. 

MJ Hansford, Angela Brown, Teresita Glasgow and Denise Hanney are from various backgrounds but share common threads of struggle and success.

Resilience: Living Life by Design, details the journey of the women who beat the odds such as childhood abuse, teenage pregnancy, workplace bullying and job loss to go on to be a success. 

Another definition for Resilience is, "struggling well."  According to Dr. Deana Murphy, entrepreneur, international author, advocate and speaker, "The struggle will always be there, but it is how we respond to it."  The authors share their strategies for working through their past struggles and how it shaped them for the work they are accomplishing today.

Dr. Murphy's goal is to help women, "rise higher, suffer less and enjoy more." Listen in as we discuss life, family and entrepreneurship from the perspective of Resilience.

Resilience is full of powerful tips, strategies with a proactive resilience exercise in the back and a link to a confidential survey to further measure your character strengths. Regardless of your social status, financial position or relational connections, your true ally is resilience.
Grab your copy at and get over $2,000 in special gifts for a limited time. 

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