Shine and Grind Show with Angeline Lawrence

Part 2 - The Winning Mindset by Angeline Lawrence

September 29, 2014

Part II: The Winning Mindset by Angeline Lawrence

Today’s episode with focus on the Helmet of Salvation, which protects our spirit and gives us hope in God. Romans 5: 5a states, “And hope maketh not ashamed;” (KJV). Our hope in God will shield us from the dream-killers and haters that want to destroy the vision and mission God has given us.

The mind sets the tone for our success because we become what we think. If our thoughts are consumed with pettiness, unforgiveness and negativity, then we'll be limited in our ability to get things done. However, if we keep our mind open to receive from God and believe that he will provide everything we need, then the possibilities are unlimited.

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