Shine and Grind Show with Angeline Lawrence

Part 1 - Winning the Fight of Faith by Angeline Lawrence

September 22, 2014

Part 1 - Winning the Fight of Faith Series

Today is the launch of a new series that will equip you with the tools necessary to win in your walk of faith.  We are overcomers, but how do line up our strategy of attack against the sabotage, deception, alienation, back-biting and negativity that we experience every day.

Faith is our shield against the spears of doubt, fear and failure that have been targeted toward us.  Many of us must deal with workplace bullying, discrimination, difficult employees, disappointment and the like.  However, maintaining faith in God will strengthen us to stand in peace and fight on to complete our missions.

Listen to today’s episode as I breakdown the Armor of God as outlined in Ephesians 6:12 with the center piece to it all Faith.

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