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Dr. Deana Murphy, LIfe Design Expert - Know Your True Identity

August 1, 2014
Dr. Deana Murphy, Life Design Expert

Dr. Murphy, or Dr. D, known to some, teaches women to tap into their inner power to live the life God designed for them to live. Listen to my interview as we discuss "The Imposter Disorder" that plauges many high-achieving women.  She states, "I teach and write about women and inner power and the way the two intersect and thrive together."

As creator of Global Women LifeDesign Institute, Dr. Murphy assists women who want to take their restlessness, mental battles and imposter challenges and create strategies to tap into their inner power that creates a brilliant lifestyle story that reflects their truest self, authentic values, deepest desires and genuine integrity.

To find out more about her programs and upcoming events go to You also contact her at [email protected].

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