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Creating Wealth with Kathy Williams - Advance Financial Lighthouse, Inc.

April 20, 2016

Financial Literacy Month

Creating Wealth


Kathy Williams, Founding CEO 

Advance Financial Lighthouse, Inc.

Creating wealth begins with the way we view money. The first step to create wealth is to change our mindset, which impacts our behaviors. My guest this week, Kathy Williams, is the Founding CEO of Advance Financial Lighthouse, Inc. Kathy has over 35 years of experience helping clients reach their financial goals. She states, “We must stop thinking with a scarcity mindset by saying, ‘I don’t have money.’ You can change your lifestyle.”

Kathy provides comprehensive investment management and financial planning advice to affluent and emerging affluent women entrepreneurs, professionals, widows, divorcees, single individuals and families. Ms. Williams specializes in working with those who have come through a life transition such as retirement, divorce or loss of a spouse. She is widely recognized for her work with women.

Ms. Williams states, “The average age of a woman widow is 57 years of age. The children are gone, their income is limited and they do not have social security.” She encourages women to take care of their own wealth.  Kathy provides several strategies for women to prepare for their financial futures below:

1.    Purchase insurance, life, short-term disability and long term care insurance to protect your assets and provide when you cannot earn an income.

2.    Pay yourself first and save at least 20% of your gross income.

3.    Save at least 4 to 6 months of your salary for an emergency fund.

4.    Eliminate unnecessary spending, i.e. bring your lunch to work and make coffee at home.

5.    Invest the maximum allowed in your employee based savings plan or 401k every year.

Kathy believes you should find a financial adviser you can trust to help educate you along the way. Avoid advisers who are only interested in selling you products.

Follow Kathy on Facebook at  Her contact information is 2200 NW 50th Street, Suite 110E Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Phone: (405) 843-2380 Fax: (405) 843-6866 E-mail address: [email protected]. The website is .

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Angeline Lawrence is an author, speaker and spiritual growth specialist. She co-authored Resilience: Living Life by Design, which detailed her faith-based strategy to overcome workplace bullying. She will publish her second book, Positioned4Power: The Working Woman’s Guide to Thriving in Life in spring of 2016. Visit her website at to sign up for the book’s release.  

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