Shine and Grind Show with Angeline Lawrence

4 Steps to Deal with Workplace Bullying by Angeline Lawrence

October 10, 2014

Previously I discussed the silent epidemic of "Workplace Bullying" that is a global problem. Sixty percent of targets are women. In addition, 80% of the bullying is legal. Today, I will discuss a 4 Step process to deal with bullying as a Christian that I found to be impactful. 

It took me years to perfect this method because I did not always get it right. However, once I read James 1:20 which states, “For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God;” (KJV)  I realized that swapping insults with my bully would not be effective. I wanted my peace of mind and joy back so that I could be free to help others.

Thank you again for listening. To find out more about the strategies I developed to overcome workplace bullying you can go to the following link I have a special offer for Shine and Grind listeners for the pre-sell of my book, "The Working Women's Guide to Winning: Defeat Satan at His Own Game with Integrity."