Positioning Yourself for Greatness - Angeline Lawrence

July 28, 2014
Walking out the God given vision can be overwhelming if we try to do everything alone. As his vessels we must follow the four basic steps outlined in Psalms 37:3-5 to see the manifestation of the desires of our heart.
Be encouraged, because as you walk out your vision, know that God is with you. We must seek his guidence at every turn in order to make the "divine-connections" needed to succeed. Listen to today's episode and allow the message to push you a little farther along your journey.
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Taking Ownership of Your God-given Vision - Angeline Lawrence

July 21, 2014

The Shine and Grind Podcast targets Christian Women in the Marketplace that are getting things done while glorifying God. Our mandate is to do the good works so that others will see the God in us and give him the credit.

Today's episode focuses on the importance of taking ownership of the God-given visions for our business. We all quote the scripture in Habakkuk 2:2, but there are benefits to taking possession of the vision. Peace and hope are direct benefits from taking ownership in the vision.
Whatever God has shown you, take ownership of it and work towards making it a reality. He is with you every step of the way.
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Grow Your Business with Exporting - Interview with Reverend Minetta Hare of Global Solutions & Consulting, LLC

July 18, 2014

Rev. Minetta Hare is just as passionate about ministering to the Body of Christ as she is to helping small business tap into the lucreative market of international trade. Minetta Hare is the Founder and President of Global Solutions and Consulting LLC, which specializes in business development, training, marketing, coaching and international business trade.

Rev. Hare functions from her office based in Detroit, MI with international offices in South Africa, Ghana and the Bahamas. Phillipians 2:13 and Proverbs 31 are two of the scriptures that are at the foundation of the global ministry and international business that God has given her.

You may contact her by emaill at  [email protected]

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Small Business Marketing- Interview with Minister Jacqui Showers, Chief Encourager and Business Coach

July 14, 2014
Minister Jacqui Showers, CEO The ME Place
As a young girl, Minister Jacqui Showers was anointed to encourage others. Today she is the CEO of The ME Place, which stands for Mentor Empowerment. As a business and encouragement coach her job is impart the wisdom and knowledge of marketing to spirit-led leaders.

She states, "My ultimate assignment is to coach you to become all God envisioned so you can experience what God S.A.W.W. (Spiritual Abundance Wholeness & Wealth)." 

Listen as we discuss global branding and a few free online resources to market your business.  Her website is www.themeplace.org. Find out about her upcoming events and coaching sessions.

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Developing Your Personal Style - Interview w/Monica Barnett, Image Curator

July 11, 2014
Monica Barnett, CEO Blueprint for Style

Personal style is something that Monica Barnett, an image curator and personal stylists, imparts into hundreds of her clients. She states,"Style is more than fashion, it is who you are."  Ms. Barnett has rebuilt the closets of politicans, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

She has been a contributor to major media outlets such as Essence.com,The Huffington Post and The Washington Post to name a few. Recently, she released her book, "Without Saying A Word: The Silent Power of Style," which is the gold standard for creating a polished image for professional women. The style guide provides insight and advice on how to build your closet with carefully selected accessories and classic pieces.

You can purchase the book from her website www.blueprintforstyle.com. Contact information: [email protected]twitter:@blueprint4style or call 888-390-0009.

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Domestic Violence Survivors find SAFEty in Entrepreneurship

July 7, 2014
Kalyn Risker, Founder/CEO SAFE (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment)

Kalyn Risker, Founder/CEO of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE), has a background in Human Resources. She knows first-hand the physcial, financial and emotional devastation caused by domestic violence. She turned her experience as a survivor into a business to help other women suffering the same plight. One in three women in the United States are victims of domestic violence. 

The 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization's mission is to equip survivors of domestic violence with the appropriate financial tools and resources needed to enable women to leave or recover from the economic portion of domestic violence. Over the past 8 years, SAFE has assisted 852 survivors of domestic violence through direct training, services, resources and referrals.  

SAFE’s 8th Annual Appreciation Fundraiser & Afterglow will be held on Friday, July 18, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a special Afterglow Event immediately following until Midnight at the newly restored Detroit Historical Museum. 

Visit the website at www.newsafestart.org  for more information. If you are a victim of domestic violence you can call the emergency number at 1-800-757-4919.

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Getting to Your Next - Talk with Shonta Prince - Transition Strategist

July 4, 2014
Shonta Prince, Transition Strategist
Getting to Your Next - Talk with Shonta Prince, Transition Strategist
As the Founder of Shonta International, Shonta Prince specializes in purpose and life focus coaching and mentorship for people in transition in the workforce, in entrepreneurship, and in ministry.
She states, "Purpose is what God put in you that can benefit others." A Navy Veteran, speaker and minister, Shonta is dedicated to helping others through their life transitions to reach their next dimension of success. We discuss the importance of identifying the seasons of transtions in one's life.
You can learn more about her agency at www.bootstobrilliance.com.
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