Girl, think before you Tweet! How to use social media to grow your personal brand.

June 30, 2014
Girl,think before you Tweet! How to use Social Media to grow you Personal Brand. @Katrina Turnbow, Director of Marketing and social media expert with W3r an IT consulting and staffing firm, shares her tools and tips on how to grow your personal brand and online presence using social media.
Katrina cautions the use of unprofessional email addresses, cute social media handles and page names. On the other hand, she encourages the use of two profiles - one professional and the other for personal use. 

Connect with her online @katrinaturnbow on Twitter or on LinkedIn at Katrina Turnbow.

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Interview with Dr. Sabrina Jackson - Being Effective in the Workplace

June 27, 2014
Dr. Sabrina Jackson, author, speaker and professional development coach, shares her expertise on helping Christian professionals work effectively with others. She developed Essential Colors, which allows you to learn about the blended colors of Christ and how to work on being more Christ-Like.This model creates avenues for improved communication, understanding self better, and how to use you natural gifts and talents within ministry.  

She recently released her new book, "He Is Not A Statistic" 12 Laws for Single Mothers Raising Black Males. The book imparts wisdom and techniques to help change the mindset and behavior of young African-American males. She gives some insights into the motiviations and struggles that young African-American males face growing up and how to empower them for greatness.

You can contact Dr. Jackson for her book and other services at

Empowerement Coach - Crystal Gunn - Helping You Find Your Own Path in Business

June 23, 2014
As a successful corporate executive and serial-entrepreneur, Crystal Gunn faced insurmountable 
challenges. Despite the failures, Crystal emerged with a renewed sense of self and divine purpose to help others find their own paths.
Crystal’s belief that everyone controls their own destiny led her to expand her business 
endeavors as an Empowerment Coach with one sole purpose: to impact the lives of as many 
people as possible. Crystal Gunn offers personal empowerment and development and business 
coaching, business support to small businesses and other organizations.
Listen to my interview with Crystal Gunn as she testifies about your triumphs and failures and how she can help you become empowered to take control of your life. Visit her website at You can reach her at 248-716-0599 or by email at [email protected]

New Product Alert - Interview with Janet Dulsky of #StartGrid discussing new tool for online community of Entrepreneurs

June 20, 2014


Shine & Grind Show w/Angeline Lawrence is inviting you to join Startgrid, a free online collaborative community for entrepreneurs.  Startgrid brings entrepreneurs together to test, share and grow ideas that will change the world. 

Listen to my interview with Janet Dulsky, Marketing Director of StartGrid as she explains the features of the application.

You don’t have to carry all the weight of starting and building your business. Now you have instant access to a community of trusted, experienced experts who will answer your questions and help steer you in the right direction.   

Startgrid provides you with a place to:

·         Develop your idea among people who understand entrepreneurship

·         Gather feedback and advice on your most pressing issues

·         Collaborate with a set of followers who contribute to your long-term success

·         Meet people who can help you take your idea further

Soon, you’ll have built a team of supporters who believe in your dream and will be by your side every step of the way to success.


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Interview with Camille Walker Banks, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Detroit

June 16, 2014


Camille Walker Banks is the Executive Director of the Goldman Sachs program at Wayne State University. She was a key advisor for large and small companies with the Michigan Economic Growth Corporation. 
The Detroit Program was launched in March 2014 with over 40 businesses enrolled. The national program targets existing businesses that need help to expand and grow. Applications for the third (3rd) cohort or class are being accepted until July 9th, 2014. Go to to apply for the class that begins in October. The office is located at 440 Burroughs Suite 205, Detroit, MI 48202. You can call at 313 309-4160 for more information. 

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Interview with Aisha Taylor, Financial Advisor - New Book Details Lives of Women on a Mission to Save Money

June 13, 2014

Listen to my interview with a Financial Advisor that had struggles with money like most people. It is surprising to learn that Aisha Taylor, a certified Financial Planner with degrees from the University of Michigan and Duke University, had a problem handling her own finances. She quickly realized her high debt lifestyle was unsustainable.

She devised a plan to get out of debt and turn her life around by making incremental changes in her spending habits. Her new book, "5+5 FNPhenomenal Ways to Save $100 This Week Without Killing Your Lifestyle," chronicles the lives of four women on a mission to find ways to spend their money and time more wisely.
To learn more about FNPhenomenal and to inquire about working with Aisha, visit her website at or email her at [email protected]

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Interview with Shanay Whittaker, Political Activist and Organizer - Prayers and Politics

June 9, 2014

The Shine and Grind Show with Angeline Lawrence discusses the importance of being politically active and interviews political activist Ms. Shanay Watson-Whittaker. She was the former Chair of the Young Democrats of America Minority Caucus and has held positions in political and non-profit organizations in both New York and Michigan

We discuss the power of prayer and how to be a change agent while keeping your faith and integrity.
Visit her blog, a website that discusses issues to empower black women.

Shine and Grind Podcast Presents - New Product Alert - Interview with creator of Tiny Stic

June 6, 2014
Listen to our interview with Tiny Stic creator, Eric Hamilton as he introduces his new product. The Tiny Stic is a portable HDMI device that uses wireless Miracast technology to turn your phone into a PC. Check out the website at or email him at [email protected] 

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Time Management Interview with Sheila Hawkins - Chief Time Wielder of Third Eye Group

June 2, 2014


Listen to my interview with Chief Time Wielder, Ms. Sheila Hawkins, CEO of Third Eye Group, a time management consultant firm. We discuss the importance of time management to help us reach our divine mission and purpose. Time is our most valuable asset. Once it is gone we can not get it back.
Ms. Sheila Hawkins shares some of her tools and tips on time management. She also discusses the need to examine ourselves and find out why we procrastinate. 
The Bible tells us to redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16) in order to exploit every opportunity that God gives us. We must grind it out and manage every minute to meet our daily objectives.
Visit to find out about upcoming seminars and workshops with the Third Eye Group.